By C. E. Van Buren


With a great deal of confusion, I’ve watched for about the last three years as Barack Hussein Obama rose from near obscurity to become, the President of The United States.   A meteoric rise by anyone’s standards, that caught a large number of people, including myself, completely off guard.  However, he achieved his goal, and now we must ride out the damage until at least 2012.


The simple fact that he became President, however, is by no means the most troubling occurrence connected with his Presidency.  Much more troubling is what he, and others around him have done to our country in the name of so called ‘good government’.  What is far worse is that they have turned a significant portion of our citizenry against each other through the use of deplorable tactics such as race baiting, name calling, and classifying of people as hater, racists, conspiracy nuts, Nazis, terrorists, and anything else that can cause those on the receiving end of the abuse to back away from what they really believe.  [Read the full article→]

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By C. E. Van Buren

For many years now I, like the rest of you, have watched, and listened, to our elected officials tell us one lie after another about the illegal immigration from Mexico to America, as well as any number of other issues.  I said this to a friend the other day, and he felt I was being a little harsh calling what the government dished out to be lies.  Well, that’s the way I see it, and here are a few of the reasons for my position.

 We are told for instance, that “They are only taking jobs that US citizens will not do.”

Lie: There are no jobs that unemployed Americans will not do, if they are paid a reasonable wage.  In the vast majority of cases, American citizens that pay taxes, rent, child care, food, and other expenses cannot do the same work for the same wage as people that pay nearly nothing of their own expenses because they are supported by the Federal Government, as well as state and local hand outs.  Believe it or not, American citizens are not eligible under these support systems.  Why?  They are American citizens. [Read the full article→]

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Your Government At Work

by Carl E. Van Buren July 4, 2010

By C. E. Van Buren Well, their at it again.  With thousands of barrels of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico, and it seems no one is able to stop it, at the moment.  The Obama administration has decided the way to stop the leak is to pass yet another law.  Not a law [...]

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Shuck and Jive

by Carl E. Van Buren June 20, 2010

By Carl E. Van Buren   If one is to believe the press that our beloved President has been receiving from even the ‘Drive By Media’ lately, one must easily come to the conclusion that Barack Hussein Obama is rapidly coming unglued, and with good reason.  With all that he has done to this country [...]

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Prince of Fools

by Carl E. Van Buren June 6, 2010

 By Carl E. Van Buren This quote was translated into English from an article appearing in the  Czech Republic as published in the Prager Zeitung of 28 April 2010. “The danger to America is not  Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.  It will be far easier to limit and undo [...]

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‘Cause I Know Better Than You

by Carl E. Van Buren May 23, 2010

I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, I’m getting pretty sick of being told what I can think, what I can say, what I am, what I should be, what I believe, and worst of all what I can believe. Since long before Barack Obama came into the picture the Liberals in this [...]

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Climate Change – AGAIN

by Carl E. Van Buren May 16, 2010

  I can’t speak for everyone else of course, but I can darn well speak for myself. As for me, I have reached the absolute end of the rope with these useless individules we have elected to our House of Representatives, and to our Senate. We made it very well known to them that we did not [...]

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Our Muslim Heritage

by Carl E. Van Buren April 30, 2010

Barack OBAMA, during a speech in Cairo, announced to the world:   “I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.” Strangely enough, that is not the way I remember American history.  In fact, I have a very hard time recalling any noticeable contributions to America, and her historic past, that has [...]

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Snake Oil

by Carl E. Van Buren April 24, 2010

Recently, our elected leaders chose to complete the process of forcing President Obama’s dream of universal Healthcare down the throats of the American people, whether they wanted it or not.  Just for the record, they do not.    The team of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid twisted enough arms, bought enough voted, bribed [...]

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The Watchdog That Didn’t Bark

by Carl E. Van Buren April 6, 2010

Today I read an AP article that talked about the uselessness of the Tea Party movement in this country.  It was by the Washington political editor of the service.  As if that would be any surprise, in itself.  As I read the article, many things came to mind.  The Tea Party, the corruption in our [...]

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Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) uses stories and exploits children to sell HCR

by Sandy March 21, 2010

(Photo: Screen Shot – Seattle’s Marcelas Owens visited with Senator Murray to discuss his trip to Washington D.C. to advocate for passage of health care insurance reform.) Telling Sad stories has become a political strategy to sell Obamacare.  Obama has some sad story to share in every speech.  The most offensive of the sad stories [...]

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It’s Not Over! Yet!

by Carl E. Van Buren March 10, 2010

So far, I’ve had the good fortune to have survived two heart attacks during my life.  The first was pure stress, however, it was made quite clear by a highly skilled, and very well trained, cardiologist that it could have taken my life as easily as a bullet.    The second, on the other hand, [...]

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The Crime of Social Security

by Carl E. Van Buren February 20, 2010

Today I listened to one of the talk radio shows that I frequent.  Yes, I know, I’m a terrible person for listening to one of these conservative rabble rousers, but what can I say?  They tell the truth.  Most of the time!!  This, however, I felt was not necessarily one of those times.   At the [...]

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Attorney General Holder open to military trial for KSM – back to the beginning

by Sandy February 13, 2010

Why was the decision made in the first place to move the trial to New York City?  Attorney General Holder needs to start looking for another job! Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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The Game of The Day

by Carl E. Van Buren January 27, 2010

“To say that the United States should be answerable for twenty-five millions of dollars without knowing whether the ways and means can be provided, and without knowing whether those who are to succeed us will think with us on the subject, would be rash and unjustifiable.” –James Madison The Game of The Day This evening, [...]

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