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October 2009

Racists – Rush Limbaugh and YOU!

by Sandy October 18, 2009

The middle class  conservative American is fast rising to the top of the list for being the largest repressed and discriminated against group of people in America.  We have been caught in a double bind trying to survive economically while suffocating with government control and lack of response from those that are supposed to represent [...]

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Winning an Oscar without Being in a Movie!

by Sandy October 13, 2009

The Nobel Committee had to have their nominations in for the Nobel Peace Prize by February 1, 2009, which means that Obama had been sworn  into  office just 11 days prior to their deadline.  The Norwegian Nobel Committee, who chose Obama as the Nobel Peace Prize recipient,  is made up by five members who were [...]

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Would This Make a Good Movie?

by Cayenne October 12, 2009

I have always thought about writing a book or movie and lately thought  “what if someone was a Trojan horse that was able to get into the heart of this great nation from the inside, when attacking us from the outside didn’t work”?  How scary huh?  “What if”  this person was out to crush this [...]

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Congress in Bed with Insurance Companies?

by Cayenne October 8, 2009

Wow, did I say that? Yes and I will say worse because it is true and I will continue to say it with hopes that people will see the insanity of the plan for National Health Care.

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AARP – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

by Sandy October 6, 2009

Has AARP been given an unfair advantage by the Federal Government to corner the Senior Citizens market? Is there a conflict of interest between being a Non-Profit and a For-Profit, while lobbying for Seniors and at the same time for their own financial gain?

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Knowledge is our Greatest Freedom

by Cayenne October 4, 2009

America, what you don’t know can hurt you! This is a lengthy but still brief  “history lesson” that was news to me but very interesting and hope you make a cup of coffee and  sit, read, enjoy and be as amazed and inspired as I was.

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Would you have choosen these Czars?

by Cayenne October 4, 2009

We must continue to educate ourselves on radical and unprecedented “appointments” of these people that have been handpicked to make major decisions in the government that affect all 350 million of us. Are these the people YOU would have chosen? Can you read these and still tell me there is no agenda on the part [...]

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Say Goodbye to those Green Jobs

by Sandy October 2, 2009

The Cap and Trade bill is now in the Senate.  It was already determined by the Congressional Budget Office, while going through the House, that: The price increases caused by a cap-and-trade program would impose additional costs on households. For example, without incorporating any benefits to households from lessening climate change, CBO estimates that the [...]

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